Catherine Goodwin

Catherine’s role includes Sales and Compliance Manager, as well as Privacy Officer for Goodwins

After leaving her career as a London-based solicitor, Catherine ignited her passion for Real Estate in 2005, returning home to join the Goodwin’s family-owned and independently operated Real Estate Agency. Catherine started from the ground up, first accepting a role as a Property Manager. Learning the ropes and displaying her clear talent for leadership and advocacy, Catherine was promoted into an Operations Management role, then appointed as General Manager before becoming Managing Director in November 2018. Catherine has overseen the company’s re-brand and, the launch of Goodwins into previously untapped sectors of Auckland’s Rental market. Genuinely a nurturing person, it is important to Catherine to stay true to herself, as well as ensure that from an operational perspective, that every policy, process, and technology implemented is delivering on expectation to both staff and clients.

Extremely hands-on can be the only way to describe Catherine’s managerial style. Catherine’s style of leadership has always been “to lead by example”. That is why, you will still find Catherine conducting new business appointments, hosting viewings, assisting property managers at inspections, supporting activity at office reception, and physically attending to key clients. Catherine can regularly be found conducting training sessions for staff and oversees our office’s physical presentation – whatever needs to be done to ensure excellence is experienced by Goodwins’ clients.

Catherine is a nationally recognised industry leader, awarded New Zealand’s Manager of the Year 2021 (across all real estate disciplines) by the New Zealand Real Estate Institute.

Catherine was featured by Seven Sharp – for interview on Executive fully furnished property/Opportunities for Auckland Property Investors; and, is regularly contacted by writers and journalists from the likes of TradeMe, One Roof, and others for commentary.

Whilst many real estate businesses retrenched in the face of COVID-19 and unprecedented legislative barrage, Catherine led Goodwins to invest in enhanced training programmes, technologies, and grew their team!

“Our Team’s collective commitment to Goodwins’ Vision, Mission and Core Values, the things we will and will not compromise on to meet our promise to always be ethical and act with integrity, is essential in unifying our team,” says Catherine. “With Property Managers out on the road working across the length and breadth of Auckland, and our senior team travelling to build our network and deliver our growth strategy, a common goal is needed to set the tone, the approach and the direction for our business.”

Aleina Goodwin

Meet Aleina Goodwin, a seasoned property professional with 19 years of experience in the industry. Starting her career at the young age of 20 with a Venue Management company in Melbourne, Aleina quickly progressed through various roles, from an administrator to account management and eventually commercial property management. After eight years of dedicated service, she earned herself a managerial position within the company.

Aleina’s thirst for knowledge and experience led her to join her family’s real estate business in Melbourne’s CBD. She honed her skills in Residential Sales, Property Management, Commercial Property Management, Trust accounting, and all aspects of the business. Aleina’s exceptional leadership skills and extensive knowledge of the property industry earned her the position of Managing Director of her family business, where she experienced unprecedented growth.

With her husband, Brendan Goodwin, Aleina decided to embark on a new journey and moved to Auckland to join Goodwins, where her expertise has been an asset to the company and its clients. Aleina and Brendan have two kids and lead a busy life in Mt Albert. When she is not busy with work, Aleina indulges in her passion for food, exploring new restaurants and cooking. She loves spending time on or in the water and cherishes her moments with her family and kids. Aleina’s wealth of experience, expertise, and passion for her work make her an invaluable asset to the property industry.

Brendan Goodwin

Brendan joined the Goodwins family business in 2017 to work alongside his father Ashley as Director and sister Catherine as Managing Director.

With years of experience in commercial property law in NZ, Australia, and the UK, followed by a commercial real estate sales and leasing career in Australia, Brendan’s skills have complemented and bolstered Goodwins’ leadership team.

Since joining the family business, he has built a reputation as the top Business Development Manager agent in Auckland, winning the REINZ Business Development Manager of the Year, nationally, in 2019 & 2020.

Brendan’s passion for building enduring relationships and broad networks has paid dividends for his clients. He commonly works with high-net-worth owners and tenants, including international sports, business and film personalities and owners of landmark properties.

In 2021, Brendan’s drive to seek out new opportunities for his clients secured Goodwins an exclusive partnership with America’s Cup challenger, American Magic. This resulted in 131 tenancy agreements with America’s Cup sailors, executives, and owners for Goodwins’ Auckland-based clients. During The Cup some properties fetched up to $30,000 a week. He has also fostered relationships with major film studios Warner Bros, Amazon Studios and Netflix, housing film stars and crew in the homes of his clients.

Goodwin’s is by name and nature, all about family, for Brendan. His wife Aleina works alongside him as Goodwins’ Operations/HR Manager. Aleina and Brendan live in Mt Albert with their two young children.

From 2022 Brendan is dedicating his new-market expertise, professional ethic, and his passion for building strong relationships to Goodwins’ sales division. He is focused on seeking out and pursuing opportunities that produce exceptional results for Goodwins’ clients.

Katy Walker

Katy began her Real Estate career in 1992 with the oldest Real Estate company in New Zealand at the time.  Her role included managing the office and a small administration team, as well as managing the accounts and trust accounts.

In 2001 Katy joined Goodwin Property Management where she oversaw the trust accounting for both Property Management and the sales side of the business.  Later on when the opportunity arose, she took on the role of Administration Manager and worked closely with Ashley and Catherine.  In 2011 Katy moved to work for another Real Estate company honing the skills already learned while working at Goodwins.

Katy returned to Goodwins in October 2020 and although she is not on the front line she still enjoys developing relationships with the suppliers and clients she has contact with on a daily basis.  It is almost 30 years since she first entered the Real Estate industry, but Katy still enjoys the daily challenges that this industry brings.

When she is not crunching numbers, Katy enjoys reading, doing volunteer work, and taking time to smell the roses.

Christine Ryan

Introducing Christine, a highly experienced real estate professional who is here to take your real estate journey to the next level.

In 2023, Christine made a significant transition from her role as a Portfolio Property Manager to a dedicated Business Development and Real Estate Sales position with Goodwins. This move brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to every transaction she handles.

Christine is committed to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for both vendors and investors. By leveraging her keen attention to detail and customer-centric approach, Christine consistently delivers exceptional results.

One of Christine’s unique strengths lies in her marketing knowledge, which she acquired during her time as a property photographer for the reputable company open2view. This invaluable background gives her a creative edge.

Outside of the real estate realm, Christine’s vibrant personality shines through. She has a natural talent for bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments. Whether it’s hosting gatherings or spending quality time with loved ones, Christine’s warm and engaging nature ensures a welcoming and enjoyable atmospheRere.

Jacques Ryan

Transitioning from the role of Residential Salesperson to Property Manager, Jacques has found the transfer of related skills to be seamless. With a solid base of property knowledge, Jacques has the know-how and skills that are crucial in understanding not only people, but the concerns that arise from working in the property industry.

Operating amidst a marketplace increasingly saturated with unlicensed operators, Jacques’ licensed, ‘no-nonsense’, but personal approach to property management, ensures he protects his client’s investment whilst maximising the value of that property’s rental return.

With a determined work ethic, and a proven attention to detail, Jacques ensures he is genuinely supporting his clients into a better financial and emotional position than if they were managing the property themselves.

Outside of the Office, Jacques is a competitive swim coach, and enjoys General Fitness pursuits. Nowadays, an avid spectator of Rugby following younger years as an Auckland Representative, and is an active Surf LifeSaver at Whangamata Surf Lifesaving Club.

Robin Weber

Allow me to introduce you to Robin, a remarkable, approachable individual who was born in Germany and has found his home in breathtaking New Zealand. With a passion for both Architecture and Cars, Robin has spent the last five years establishing his skills and expertise in the automotive industry. However, driven by his ambition for growth and new challenges, he has set his sights on a promising career in the property industry.

Robin’s deep appreciation for architecture stems from his love for beautifully designed spaces. He finds inspiration in the intricate details, innovative concepts, and the ability of architecture to shape our surroundings. Whether he is exploring historical landmarks or keeping up with the latest trends in modern design, Robin’s discerning eye and genuine enthusiasm for architecture make him a true connoisseur of the craft.

Results-oriented by nature, Robin possesses a tenacious drive to achieve his goals. Whether it’s excelling in his professional endeavors or cultivating a thriving garden, he approaches tasks with determination and a focus on delivering tangible outcomes. He thrives on intellectual stimulation and is always eager to expand his knowledge in various fields. Robin’s ability to stay motivated and focused ensures that he consistently produces exceptional results.