Complete the below interactive form and your Property Manager will be in contact.

It is a policy of Goodwins that all non-urgent repair and maintenance requests must be submitted in writing through the interactive form above.

We will use our office key for access by required tradespeople to facilitate the quickest resolution to all tenant concerns. All tradespeople we appoint have been comprehensively vetted by Goodwins, and will act in a professional manner to complete the necessary repairs.

We provide an after hours emergency repairs line for existing tenants – please phone 0212787768 if you require emergency assistance outside of Goodwin’s standard office hours.

In Case of an Afterhour’s Emergency – Please Phone 021 278 7768

  • Unsecured premises due to a break in. Call the police first, then call your property manager or office.
  • Fire or you smell smoke – if a fire has already started dial 111 immediately. Then phone your property manager or office
  • Overflowing drains or raw sewage
  • Serious water or plumbing leak (turn off the water if you are able to find the value)
  • No power – (if you have phoned your power company and they have confirmed it is not due to any power cuts/outages in the area)
  • No water – (if you have phoned Watercare and they have confirmed there are no issues in the area)
  • Alarm that will not turn off
  • Blocked toilet (if this is the only useable one at the property)

The Following Do Not Constitute as an Emergency

  • No hot water
  • No cooking facilities
  • Everyday appliance failure
  • No power (if it is a power company issue)
  • No water (if it is a Watercare issue)
  • Lost keys or keys locked in a house or car – please phone a locksmith

Each case will be assessed on its merit and a decision will be made as to whether it requires immediate assistance.