When you come on board with us we don’t give you empty promises and then proceed to forget all about you.

We offset our fees by genuinely supporting our clients into a better financial and emotional position than if they were self-managing.

Our Marketing & Advertising is extensive, and ensures that our owner’s property attracts maximum interest, thereby minimising vacancy. Our process of financial and credit checking of prospective tenants is ‘tough’, there-by ensuring our tenant selection is made with certainty of a person’s rental background.

Regular property inspections ensure the terms of Tenancy are being honoured, and maintenance is up-kept, thereby reducing long-term expenditure for disrepair. Our quarterly inspections are completed digitally and will provide our owner a full suite of photographs to accompany any points of discussion. Our professional trust account is administered by the ASB. Our client’s money is safe. We are accountable.

All inspections are digitally archived to satisfy our client’s insurance requirements.

To find out how best we can market your property to quality tenants, the first thing we do is determine the current market rental rate. We will work together with you to see how we can get the best possible return on your investment.

Dealing with the residential rental market on a daily basis ensures that we are constantly up-to-date with the current market rates. We are aware of supply and demand across all price ranges, and we can ensure that your property is receiving the best possible rent in today’s marketplace. This knowledge is also invaluable when the time comes to look for a new tenant. Ensuring the property is correctly priced and marketed, ensures the property will be let in the shortest possible time.

When we are looking for new tenants, we have access to a large database of tenants, so much more than if you were handling the property yourself or even going through a smaller agency.

With the location of our two offices that cover the greater region of Auckland and our extensive marketing promotion, and other activities that include our regular Newsletter and Website, we have a wide range of properties to let prospective tenants be aware of. This results in more enquiries directly through us.

Tenants that may enquire about one property and find it unsuitable, can be easily redirected to other properties we have available. Having a larger selection of tenants allows us to be more selective in whom we place into a property. We know how important it is to you to get your property tenanted as quickly as possible and we have designed our online website presence to do just that. All advertising expenses to place the first tenant is FREE of charge to our Managed Client. The quality of a property’s presentation will impact the quality of Applications.

Our advertising campaigns are extremely comprehensive and include:

  1. Upload of your property to www.trademe.co.nz, www.realestate.co.nz, www.oneroof.co.nz and our own, optimised www.goodwins.co.nz;
  2. Install of a professional, steel street signboard (where able);
  3. Highlighted to our prospective tenant database and across our team of property and business development managers, an extensive database of relocation agents, and other related databases.
  4. Inclusion in our daily rental list and; and, alerted to pre-registered prospects for whom it may be suitable.

    * For all future tenancies, only a very small contribution of $89.00 + GST is charged to our owners.

We believe one the most important considerations of property management services is the comprehensive screening of all prospective tenants. This is often underestimated in this industry because of the need to place tenants quickly. You won’t find this happening at Goodwins as we consider the screening and analysis of all tenants to be a number one priority.

As we are regularly placing tenants into properties on your behalf we have established strong credit-checking procedures. Some, such as debt collection agencies and references can be checked by private individuals.

However, as registered property managers we have access to a specialised credit checking service known as CENTRIX. This service has a comprehensive database of tenants who have vacated premises owing money or caused damage to a property. This acts as a safeguard for you as we would not be willing to accept anyone with a bad record as tenants in your property.

At all times we strive to preserve the immense benefits of close personal attention, competitive fees and a quick response. In addition we are truly a multilingual organisation with no less than seven languages being fluently spoken within our team.

Please note: we are an equal housing opportunity management company and do not discriminate against any person due to race, colour, religion, sex, disability, family status or national origin.

As your professional representatives for the management of your investment property, we will ensure that you are getting the market rent for your property and that we supply you with the best quality tenants who will look after your property.

When you use us to manage your property we will give you the confidence your home is in the best hands and that our focus is on your investment. We want you to benefit from our professional services and with the high expectations and standards we set, our services will pay for themselves many times over.

Our property managers offer complete property management rental services to meet all of your rental investment needs. You will always be dealing with one of our experienced property managers and we can guarantee you excellent support and results.

Every landlord has our full commitment to their investment property and we ensure that you have a thorough understanding of all the rules that you must adhere to.

We want the same results as you – the best return for your investment and the best tenants to fill your rental property.

We pay particular attention to property inspections and these are scheduled on a quarterly basis. We use advanced technology to schedule property inspections. Our inspections include a full exterior and interior inspection to assess both maintenance, and general condition of the property and current tenancy. Our inspections are conducted on an electronic device, and, digital photographs are embedded, where appropriate. Clients receive these inspections by e-mail within 1 week of our site visit. All properties are closely monitored to ensure they are well-maintained and your investment continues to deliver the very best return for you.

Our Tradespeople
As an owner of the property, you will be aware of how important good-quality maintenance and repairs are. Goodwins is committed to safeguarding your investment. To this end, we use only the best tradespeople; professionals who have proven time and time again to be at the top of their field.

We do not employ our tradespeople. They are 3rd party independent, contractors. They must, however, sign a Service Level Agreement with Goodwins ensuring our clients the very highest quality of service.

Copy of all relevant Practitioner Licences are reviewed by Goodwins Senior Property Manager, and a copy of the tradesperson’s current insurance certificate is held on file.

Goodwins Service Level Agreements are renewed annually. Thus ensuring our tradespeople uphold their service promises to retain Goodwin’s Business.

A number of our tradespeople have been in service to Goodwin’s rental portfolio nigh on, and in excess of 10 years!

We offer tenants access to an option to log non-urgent maintenance requests via an online Tenant Concierge Service. Incorporating advanced AI technology to expedite resolution and thereby mitigate damage to our properties and reduce costs to our clients. We do also offer a after-hours emergency phone line, where tenants can call to report any urgent maintenance issues.

We utilise leading technology platforms to process and control our property management portfolio. This allows us to efficiently carry out all tasks, including; monitoring and management of arrears, scheduling forthcoming inspections, and reviews of current rents with a view to maximising the landlord’s return. We also produce clear monthly and annual statements for the property owner. For ease of clients’ record keeping, all statements and invoices are stored within our secure online portal, accessible 24/7.

We can substantially diminish any risks associated with owning an investment property and this will free up your time and avoid stress. If any problems arise with your property, it is very easy for emotions to get in the way and cloud the decision-making process, causing frustration and a lot of wasted time for both parties. As an independent manager, we can advise you on your rights and obligations and the best way to resolve issues quickly avoiding conflict and unnecessary stress.