Goodwins profile: Nikki Ramage – property manager

Nikki manages a significant portfolio of residential properties, on behalf of Goodwins – predominantly houses and apartments in central Auckland. Despite current talk of housing market downturns, she says still plenty of renters are turning up to viewings. “People still move. If the price is right, the property will be tenanted. Though with fewer international students and long-term visitors, it can take a little longer to find the right tenant.”

What’s the word on the street from property owners, Nikki? “Obviously, rising interest rates are never far from the conversation. Which leads to more reflective musings about rent increases. Owners want to be sure that they’re getting the best possible return. So, they look to us for guidance and getting things right to keep tenants happy.”

There are lots of DIY property managers out there – why do investors seek out a professional manager, like Goodwins? “It’s a lot about removing stress and distraction. Managing tenants, maintenance, and staying current with legal obligations is hard work. You’ve got to be conversant with a lot of rules, because there are fines when property owners neglect their tenants or fail to observe the letter of the law. So, we bring knowledge and systems to keep tenants and property owners in the picture and together in a healthy relationship.”

Where can things go off the rails between property owners and tenants? “Relationships can sour when communication is lacking. And that’s what rules and regulations are for – so both parties know where they stand for things like inspections, agreement periods and termination, and other obligations. Ignorance of the rules leads to oversights and confusion – like, what is the landlord doing at our front door? Never a good situation.”

What things would you like to change about the industry? “Professional property management is hard work – you’re in the middle of a reasonably intense relationship between owner and renter. There are several changes in the pipeline, most notably the government’s move to enact a new regulatory system for property managers (see story New regulations for property managers – yeah, nah) which I believe will raise the overall standard of professionalism in our industry. So that’s a positive development and, if rolled-out at an industry level, will give both property owners and tenants faith that no one is taking shortcuts or mispresenting things to either party.”

NOTE: Another recent change facing landlords and property managers concerns the Privacy Act 2020 – legislation organised around 13 information privacy principles that govern the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of personal information. Read our story published last year: New Privacy Act guidelines – what landlords should know.

What’s the best thing about working for Goodwins? “Goodwins is a great family business. It’s really nice to work in this kind of environment. We’ve got each other’s backs. Everyone is encouraged to grow broad shoulders, take the good with the bad, and do the job well.”

Take the sweat out of renting and managing your property. Get Nikki on the job. She’ll provide a rental assessment, manage the tenanting process, and explain our management processes and systems. Call Nikki now – 021 278 7701