For most of the East Coast, Auckland, and Upper North Island it feels like we can’t catch a break at the moment.  No doubt everyone has been touched or affected in some way by the recent weather events whether personally, or through friends, family, colleagues or even just seeing the plight of strangers we have seen on TV and through the media in some horrible situations.  To all clients of Goodwins with flood and/or cyclone-affected properties, please be assured of our ongoing commitment to support you and your tenants for as long as it takes to remediate your properties and reinstate your tenancies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If we do not hold a copy of your property’s current insurance policy and/or you have not previously nominated Goodwin Realty as your Agent, we do not have the authority to speak with your insurer on your behalf.

So, even if currently unaffected, please take this opportunity to ensure that you have e-mailed your most current certificate of currency on your insurance policy to your property manager. This inevitably speeds up our ability to support you now, or, at any point in the future.

For those wanting to assist, here is the link to the National Appeal website:

Like all New Zealander’s our team watched closely as last month’s Consumer Price Index Announcement was made, which confirmed: “the cost-of-living squeeze is still well and truly on” (to quote a One Roof article). You can expect no sugar-coating from our Team this year, and we will instead continue to deliver expert, consistent, and diligent tenancy management and sales advice to our landlord and vendor clients.

Founded in 1991, and with a Principal-Agent that will celebrate 50 years in Real Estate this year, Goodwins has traversed more property and economic cycles, than most. We are well placed to not only survive, but support our clients and will be positioned to thrive as we navigate the current climate.