Goodwins profile: Dave Ducker, Senior Property and Compliance Manager

Born and raised in the UK, Dave was working within the science sector of medical research and sales when he met a nice Kiwi girl – now his wife – in London and moved to New Zealand in 2005. He’s been in property ever since, joining Goodwins in 2006 and he now manages a large portfolio of clients and the firm’s compliance services.

Q: How are you helping property owners with compliance?

DD: The Healthy Homes legislation clearly defines what needs to be done. New owners coming on board are generally on top of insulation, but not always on heating, ventilation, or ground moisture barriers. Things like extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens (this does not always have to be a rangehood) must be ducted to the exterior of the building and can be overlooked. In some cases, properties are exempt from these requirements, but only after an inspection by a qualified individual is undertaken. Any property that hasn’t been built on a concrete pad or has insufficient below-floor ventilation is likely to require a ground moisture barrier.

Q: Do you think property owners are more inclined to engage a professional property manager than they used to be?

DD: I think conscientious landlords who appreciate the changes under the new legislation are thinking much harder about engaging a company like Goodwins. There’s more to worry about and a professional property manager removes that pressure. Certainly, the people we deal with appreciate the benefits of this.

Q: This is peak season in the rental sector. Are you busy?

DD: “Yes. We seem to be back to the normal seasonal interest prior to the end of the year and Christmas holidays. There had been a decrease in demand following COVID, and the seasonal peaks and troughs had been interrupted, but the market seems to have bounced back.

Q: What about rental stock – supply and demand?  

DD: There’s always a shortage of good houses, in particular family homes. Anything like that generates good interest in the market. The apartment market is bouncing back after taking a big hit over the last couple of years – we really missed the international students in the central city.

Q: What’s special about Goodwins?

DD: “There’s something special about working for a family-owned and operated business that has been around for 30 years. The culture is based on family values – there are great friendships across the offices, and everyone is willing to help each other out. As a result, a lot of our employees are long-standing. Property owners and tenants like this continuity and it really helps establish great relationships.”

Property ownership is a bit trickier than it used to be. Call Dave on 021 278 7769 to understand your legal obligations as a landlord.