Final inspection guide


  1. Have carpets professionally cleaned if required.
  2. Wash vinyl, wood or tiled flooring.
  3. Remove all fly spots and cobwebs from the ceilings.
  4. Clean walls, doors and doorframes where necessary, ensuring all marks are removed. We recommend using sugar soap solution.
  5. Dust or clean light fittings and replace any blown bulbs.
  6. Clean extractor fans and vents of all dust.
  7. Dust and wipe down blinds. Ensure any mould is removed.
  8. If necessary, clean curtains and drapes according to fabric recommendations.
  9. Light switches are to be clean and free of all marks.
  10. Clean inside windows and screens.
  11. Dust and clean window sills and skirting boards.
  12. Clean sliding windows and door tracks.
  13. Thoroughly clean the stove, oven, hotplates, grill, drip trays, range hood and filters. Where applicable, pull the oven out to clean behind and down the sides.
  14. Thoroughly clean the sinks.
  15. Clean cupboards and drawers, inside and out.
  16. Remove all mould from interior surfaces in wet and other areas.
  17. Thoroughly clean the bathroom and toilet. Make sure to include the bath, shower recess, soap scum build up on the shower screen, shower curtain, basin, vanity, cupboard, soap holder, taps, cabinet, mirrors, toilet bowl, toilet seat and toilet cistern.
  18. The inventory of items needs to be in accordance with your initial inspection report.


  1. Mow the lawns and trim the edges, if part of your tenancy agreement.
  2. Ensure gardens are free of weeds and rubbish if part of your tenancy agreement.
  3. Clean driveways and paths, ensuring they are free of all rubbish, grease, oil and weeds.
  4. All rubbish is to be left in bins on the kerbside, or removed from the property.

If the property is left in a clean and tidy state, with no maintenance or repairs required, then your bond will be returned to you as quickly as possible. If not, then the cost of cleaning and/or repairs to the property may be deducted from your bond.

Recommended tradespeople

If you need assistance with your end-of-tenancy clean, we recommend contacting the
following tradespeople:

Carpet cleaning

Go Green Carpet Cleaning 0800 398 722
Chem Dry 0800 750 112
Jae Services 0800 225 552

General vacate cleaning

Gama Cleaning Service – call Martin – 021 931 203 ( or 021 122 9800

Mint Cleaning Services – offer a range of cleaning services plus linen changing. Call Robyn 0800 297 253 (

Lawn mowing and weeding

Auckland Property Care – Robert 021 646 843
Paul Brake Ltd 022 128 6296
LawnsPlus 021 294 7737

Please contact your property manager if any other contractor services are needed.

Please remember

Contact utility providers and arrange for final readings of all services held in your name.
Arrange re-direction of your mail with NZ Post.

We wish you all the best. Please recommend us to any family or friends with rental properties, either now or in the future. As a thank you, we will pay you a referral for any introductions you make that retain us to manage their property!

Please contact your property manager for any further assistance you may require.