Tenants are responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of living in a house.

Landlords need to provide the infrastructure for utilities. You are responsible for all connection fees and use-related costs. Tenancy Services have good information on your rights and responsibilities relating to utilities.

Your landlord may agree in writing to pay for certain things, for example a regular garden bin collection. Your property manager will advise you if this is the case.


Set up your power with your preferred provider before your move-in date. Powerswitch is a free service that helps you work out which provider and pricing plan is best for you.

Gas bottles for heating water and cooking

If gas is used for hot water and cooking, the property owner is responsible for access to a gas supply. If your property is not on a gas reticulation system, your landlord needs to provide a gas cylinder and the necessary piping. The cost of the gas used is your responsibility.

Water and Wastewater

You pay the cost of water and wastewater consumed at the property. You are not liable for the annual fixed charge. Water accounts cannot be in a tenant’s name so a reading of your water meter will be done prior to moving in. When Goodwins receive the monthly Watercare bill, an account will be sent to you. Payment is expected within 10 working days. More information on water charges is available on the Tenancy Services website.

Phone and Internet

Connecting a home phone line and internet is your responsibility. Find and sign up with a provider before your move-in date to ensure a seamless transition into your new home.

Broadband Compare is an easy-to-use, customisable tool to compare the best internet deals available at your address. You can tailor your search to prioritise features that are important to you.


Connecting all your utilities can be a time-consuming, costly process. Fastconnect is an efficient house-moving service that will get all your services (power, gas, phone, broadband and Sky) connected with your chosen providers. All it takes is one phone call from you.


The landlord’s property insurance doesn’t cover you or your contents. You should arrange your own contents’ insurance. It is also worth looking into personal liability insurance to protect you in certain situations. Tenancy Services have further information about insurance.