Moving house can be a stressful time with lots to do, lots to remember and lots that can go wrong! Our handy checklist will help you plan your way through the day and leave the stress behind. So let’s get to it!

Wake up!

Right, the big day has arrived, so first things first:

  1. Have a good breakfast to get your energy up – you’ll need it!
  2. Ring parents or a friend to come and take the kids and/or the pets for the day.
  3. Ring mates who promised to help and remind them that today’s the day!
  4. If the kids are old enough, give them some jobs to keep them occupied. Get them to pack a box of their ‘essentials’ so they’ll have it nearby at the new house.
  5. Finish labelling boxes and bags to save you hunting through everything at the other end.
  6. Keep your valuables, important documents and any other essentials aside. Keep them in a closed off room like the bathroom and remember to grab them when you’re leaving.
  7. Make sure your phone is fully charged – you’ll be doing lots of organising today.
  8. Organise spare boxes for the extra stuff that always materialises at the last minute. Supermarkets are a good source of free ones.
  9. It’s a good idea to organise a cleaner for the final cleaning.
  10. Make sure you’ve got the phone number for the removal company handy.
    We recommend World Moving & Storage. Contact them at or 09 820 6060.
  11. Make sure there’s room for the truck to park outside your house and block off space if you need to. It’s also a good idea to let your neighbours know the truck will be there in advance.
  12. Fill up your car with petrol – you’ll be using it a bit today.
  13. Have some basic tools handy, like a hammer and screwdrivers to help break down furniture.
  14. Grab some cash for the removal team and any last minute emergencies.

Set aside essentials that you’ll need throughout the day:

  • Kettle
  • Tea, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs, corkscrew or bottle opener and a few cold ones for the helpers!
  • Snacks
  • Cleaning materials including a vacuum cleaner, dustpan, broom and bin liners.

The move

This is the tricky bit – at least now it’ll be organised chaos!

  1. Allocate jobs to your mates or family who have turned up to help.
  2. Remove any hazards from around the work area, such as doormats, rugs, hanging plants, pot plants and planter boxes.
  3. Give clear instructions to the removal team. Tell them what’s going and what isn’t, and remind them of any fragile items.
  4. If bannisters or other fixtures are going to get in the way, arrange to have them carefully removed for later reinstatement. Your property manager’s prior approval is required.
  5. Have a map handy for the removal team, so they know exactly where they’re going.
  6. Leave a card with your contact details so the new occupants can forward mail.
  7. Turn off and unplug any appliances that are staying.
  8. Take a final meter reading from your electricity or gas meter. Ring your power company to let them know the readings.
  9. Do a final tour of the house to pick up any remaining items – clocks are often overlooked! Make sure to check outside as well – your garden gnomes don’t want to be left behind!
  10. Remember to lock all the windows and doors before you leave.
  11. Say cheerio to the neighbours!


You’re almost finished, hang in there!

  1. Turn on power and water – remember to take new meter readings.
  2. Get the essentials box out and get the tea and coffee sorted.
  3. Put the kids in charge of their own things – it’ll keep them busy and out of the way.
  4. Let your helpers know exactly where you want things to go so you’re not left to shift heavy items later on.
  5. Appoint someone to direct helpers as they carry things in.
  6. Say hello to your new neighbours.
  7. Don’t try to unpack everything now, just stick to the essentials and the rest can wait.
  8. Grab the bubbly from the chilly bin and toast your new house!