There is always a duty manager on call for any after-hours emergencies that may occur. Please phone
021 278 7768 for assistance. Please note only genuine emergency repairs will be actioned on this number.

What constitutes an emergency?

  • Unsecured premises due to a break in. Call the police first, then call your property manager or office.
  • Fire or you smell smoke. If a fire has already started, dial 111 immediately, then phone your property manager or office.
  • Overflowing drains or raw sewage.
  • Serious water or plumbing leak. Turn off the water if you are able to find the valve.
  • No power. Only if you have phoned your power company and they have confirmed it is not due to any power cuts or outages in the area.
  • No water. Only if you have phoned Watercare on (09) 442 2222 and they have confirmed there are no issues in the area.
  • An alarm that will not turn off.
  • Blocked toilet. Only if this is the sole usable one at the property.

The following do not constitute an emergency

  • No hot water.
  • No cooking facilities.
  • Everyday appliance failure.
  • No power – if it is a power company issue.
  • No water – if it is a Watercare issue.
  • Lost keys or keys locked in a house or car. Please phone a locksmith.

Each case will be individually assessed, and a decision will be made on whether it requires immediate assistance.