What regular financial reports / document will I receive?

Financial Statements

  • You will receive emailed statements at the frequency you have requested to be paid. Monthly of Twice Monthly.
  • We will also issue yearly financial statements, accounting for all monies we have handled and disbursed to you on your behalf, in accordance with legislative requirements.

Tax Invoices

  • From tradespersons OR other disbursements these will be emailed with your statement. These are only those that are paid during that month on your behalf.
  • If you are paying these invoices directly they will be emailed via your dedicated Property Manager.

When will I receive my statements?

Your monthly statement will be issued on the same day as you rental payments are dispersed, being on the 1st and or 15th working day of every month. You will also receive your end of year statement in April.

An administration fee of $17.39 is applied to receive consolidated End Of Year income and expenditure reports.

What if I misplace a statement?

Please contact us and we will issue you with a replacement monthly statement at no charge. However if you require a replacement end of year statement there will be a cost. Please refer to your management agreement schedule of fees for these charges.