Property inspections can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging. Our property managers are highly trained to avoid common pitfalls and deal with issues swiftly as they arise.

Some of the legal requirements of inspections:

  • A full property report is required at the start of each tenancy;
  • Tenants must be given at least 48 hours’ notice in writing, and no more than 14 days, before an inspection can take place;
  • If re-inspection is required (if the tenant has agreed to fix or clean something) another 48 hours’ notice must be given
  • Inspections must take place between 8am and 7pm;
  • The tenant doesn’t have to be present at the time, but they do have a right to be there.

We will keep a close eye on your property and quickly report and resolve issues that do arise so you don’t have to worry.

Regular inspections of your rental property allows us to check it’s being kept in a clean, tidy and damage free condition.

What happens at the beginning of the tenancy?

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property when a tenant first moves in. We will carefully go over each area of the property including the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, front and back yards, and garage. We will make a detailed record of the condition and cleanliness of each area including digital photos, a brief description and details of any marks, scratches and dents.

How often will you inspect the property during the tenancy?

We prefer to inspect the property quarterly (every three months). This walk-through inspection consists of checking room-by-room that the tenant is keeping the property damage-free and reasonably clean and tidy. We will also note any maintenance issues and make recommendations to assist you in keeping the property in the best condition possible. We will send you a copy of the inspection report within 72 hours of its completion. If there are any immediate concerns, we will contact you the same day.

Many insurance policies require quarterly inspections as standard.

What about when the tenant vacates the property?

When the tenant lets us know they will be vacating, we send them detailed information outlining our expectations of how the property needs to be presented. We also immediately notify you for instructions to re-rent.

Once the tenant has fully vacated and is ready for the final inspection, we compare the property to the inspection report completed at the time the tenant moved into the property. We carefully check through the report item-by-item, ensuring it has been left in the same condition, taking into account reasonable wear and tear for the time they have been in the property. This is a legislative requirement. We also ensure the property is reasonably clean and tidy, and read the water meter, if applicable.

We carry out regular inspections to ensure your property continues to deliver the very best return.

We are experienced in the legal requirements of inspections, knowledgeable in what to look out for and experts at dealing with issues when they do arise.

We will complete a thorough report at the start of each tenancy and continue to inspect your property quarterly (or more frequently if necessary) for the duration of the tenancy.

Our inspections include a full exterior and interior assessment. We check the maintenance and general condition of the property and current tenancy.

Comprehensive reports ensure you are up-to-date with the condition of your property.

Reports, with digital photographs where necessary, are sent to you within a week of our visit to your property.