Why do we need a Chattels or Furnishings List?

A detailed chattels or inventory list is best practice to account for all owners possessions. All items are not documented in Goodwins ingoing inspection as this is a Condition Report.

The purpose of this document is that if any item(s) do go missing we have evidence so we can claim a replacement cost from the bond or use this in any tenancy tribunal dispute.

Chattel vs Donated item?

A chattel is an item that provided as part of the property. It is therefore the responsibility of the owner to replace it if it breaks (which is not from tenants negligence) and must we serviced and maintained if required.

A donated item has simply been gifted to the tenant for use at the property. If it breaks the owner is not responsible for replacing or fixing. It is expected to be left at the property at the end of the tenancy.

What level of detail do you require?

This is up to the owner however we recommend as a guide you need to itemise down to the detail that if something does go missing its need to be accounted for. Therefore needs to be of the a value that is worth claiming back. For example you may not miss a knife or fork but you would miss your coffee machine.

Can Goodwins complete this for me?

Yes we can, this will be a cost of $500+GST.

Goodwins use a 3rd party supplier to complete this which is very detailed and includes photos to ensure everything is accounted for.

Download to this template to get started