Who pays for electricity and gas charges?

While consumption of electricity and gas are the tenant’s expense, if there are charges relating to the supply of these services, these are at the landlord’s cost.

For example, if a property has bottled gas supplied, the tenant pays for the gas in the bottles. However, the landlord is responsible for the charges related to the gas bottle rental, as this charge is associated with the supply of the gas.

Who pays for water charges?

The tenant is responsible for water usage charges and the landlord is responsible for daily line/supply charges.

How do you calculate what water charges the tenant has to pay?

We read the water meter at the start of the tenancy, and at the end of the tenancy, to allow us to calculate water usage between council issued notices. This is calculated using the Council cubic meter charge rates.

What about council and sewerage rates, and the emergency services levy?

All these costs must be paid by the landlord, as specified by legislation.