How to select great tenants

Screening prospective tenants is often underestimated in this industry because of the need to place tenants quickly.

You won’t find this happening at Goodwins. We consider the selection of tenants to be our number one priority. Quality tenants will look after your property, communicate issues clearly and quickly to prevent further damage, pay rent on time and are more likely to become long-term occupants.

Goodwins have established strong credit-checking procedures. Anyone can check debt collection agencies and references. As registered property managers we also have access to a specialised credit checking service known as TPS, a comprehensive database of tenants who have vacated premises owing money or caused damage to a property. This acts as an additional safeguard as we will not accept anyone with a bad record as tenants in your property.

At all times we strive to offer our clients close personal attention, competitive fees and a quick response. In addition,
we are truly a multilingual organisation with no less than seven languages being fluently spoken within our team.

Attracting quality tenants

Presenting a well-maintained home to prospective tenants shows you care about their wellbeing. In turn, they will be far more likely to look after your property and become long-term tenants. Some considerations include:

  • Is your property free from damp and mould?
  • Is there a heating source in the main living area?
  • Are electronics included in the rent, such as dishwashers, in good working order?
  • Is there adequate car parking on site?
  • Are chattels clean and in good condition?
  • Do doors and windows open and close properly, and are there any broken windowpanes?
  • Do locks work?

With decades of experience in finding tenants and managing properties, our property managers are well-placed to find quality tenants who won’t damage your investment potential.

* Please note: We are an equal housing opportunity management company and do not discriminate against any person due to race, colour, religion, sex, disability, family status or national origin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the information provided, we confirm an applicant’s rental payment and tenancy history by contacting their current and a minimum of one previous landlord. We will also verify their employment details, and check both national and international databases to see if they have been lodged as a bad tenant or have an unsatisfactory credit history. Our sources of reference checking includes Tenancy Practice Services (TPS) and Tenancy Information New Zealand (T.I.N.Z).
In cases where an applicant doesn’t have a tenancy history, we confirm other information that may give us insight into their ability to maintain a tenancy. For example, checking for stable employment history and completing any other references checks available.
If we are unable to complete a satisfactory credit check process, it would generally be our advice to reject the application.

Legally we do not have to give a reason why an applicant was unsuccessful, and by industry practice we never give a reason.

Your property manager will use our experience and the information we have collected to make the best recommendations of selection for your property. However, you have the final decision on whether to accept the prospective tenant’s application.

In the unlikely event a prospective tenant contacts you to discuss their application, we strongly advise that you do not discuss anything, and ask them to contact us directly.

While our processes of management are proven to minimise the inherent risk of having a third party resident in your property; in reality, we can never guarantee a tenant. We will collect information on their past history and confirm their income arrangements. We take the utmost care at the time of tenant placement, and are diligent about daily rent records, regular inspections, and prompt attention to any tenant breach. We find this no-nonsense approach is respected by owners and tenants alike. Should you wish to remain closely involved in the process, we are happy to work with you.