All owner contributions must be deposited to our Trust Account:
Pay to Name: Goodwin Realty Trust Account
Bank: ASB Bank New Zealand
Branch: Central Auck Commercial Banking
Account Number: 12 3049 0260640 01

Please use the following reference when making payments:
Particulars: Owner Surname
Code: Rental Property Address
Reference: Contribution

All funds receipted to Goodwin Realty are deposited to a professional trust account administered by the ASB. We electronically transfer funds to our owners on the first working day of each month. A comprehensive statement is emailed same-day.

We strictly monitor our rent payments, abiding a policy of “ZERO TOLERANCE” at all times. Should a rental payment be missed by 1 day, your Property Manager will telephone and SMS the Tenant. Should missed-payment not be remedied by Day 3, a formal Breach Notice is Served. If payment is not received, in full, by Day 7, an Application is lodged to the Tenancy Tribunal.

We pay particular attention to property inspections and these are scheduled on a quarterly basis. We use advanced technology to schedule property inspections. Our inspections include a full exterior and interior inspection to assess both maintenance, and general condition of the property and current tenancy. Our inspections are conducted on Samsung Tablets, or i-phones; and, digital photographs are embedded, where appropriate. Clients receive these inspections by e-mail within 1 week of our site visit. All properties are closely monitored to ensure they are well-maintained and your investment continues to deliver the very best return for you.

Insurance is incredibly important and if this is something you would like to arrange through us we are approved providers of REAL Landlord Protection Insurance. This exclusive insurance is only available if you have your property managed by a licensed company such as Goodwins. This insurance is specifically intended for investment and rental properties.

We have a large variety of trusted quality trades people who we use when repairs are needed. We have selected these trades people as we know they will perform high-quality work in a timely manner. And because we have a high volume of work we are able to achieve competitive prices. We have 24/7 phone access for all tenants if urgent repairs arise and one of our property managers will always be available, even if it is just for advice.

We will provide you with professional statements for your records which can be used when dealing with accountants, IRD, and the tribunals. We also hold a financial diary electronically, which can be produced if you ever require a full history of your property or tenants.

We ‘live and breathe’ the Auckland rental market, which supports a thorough understanding of market rates as well as supply and demand for each individual area throughout Auckland. So, to ensure we keep our clients ahead of this constantly evolving market we conduct regular rent reviews. In assessing market rent, we review 6 months of lodged bonds in the local area; we assess current levels of competition and advertised weekly rentals for comparable listings; and, we also take time to review similar properties that we manage in and around the subject-property. From which, we are able to identify a very accurate market rent.

Regarding controlling ants, cockroaches, rodents and fleas on your rental property, this depends on the circumstances and level of infestation, the onus can often be on the landlord to provide adequate pest control services. This could be by providing the appropriate bait or employing the services of a pest control company. Your property manager will assess the situation at the time.

As a general rule, tenants are expected to leave the property in the same standard they found it. However, in the case of a dispute, we can only legally enforce the tenant to return the property in a reasonably clean condition, this being the minimum legal obligation.

First impressions count, so your rental property should be presented in the best manner possible in order to attract a first-rate tenant. In section three of this handbook you’ll find our helpful guide to preparing your rental property for tenants.