New Zealand moved into the COVID-19 Protection Framework on Thursday 2 December at 11.59pm. Auckland has moved into the Red traffic light setting

For your general reference, this is a link to general information of “Life at Red”:

Residential Property Management services fall under the general “in-home services” category. Property Management is not required to use My Vaccine Pass verification.

As Goodwins have, throughout 2020 and 2021, we will continue to implement operational changes promptly and efficiently to maintain strict abidance of Government and industry-specific protocols.

In these early days of life-at-red, our offices will remain closed to the public, except by private appointment. And Goodwins’ Property Managers and Support Staff will continue to work from home where possible.

We remain fully contactable via e-mail or telephone as usual. We are also very happy to facilitate audio-visual Zoom/Skype meetings, if preferred.

Any person entering our offices (including our staff) will be encouraged upon entering and leaving the workplace to sanitise their hands and use contactless processes wherever possible.

Staff are aware that they must not attend the office if they have flu like symptoms, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Should you wish for further detail, or specific information on any aspect of our day-to-day operations, we welcome your contact.

A full list of our contact details can be accessed online at

Record keeping remains mandatory, and you will be asked to scan-in using unique QR codes at every property viewing, or, if attending our offices. To which end, we will display QR code posters in a prominent place and, have an alternative method of recording visitor details.

We are permitted at Red to conduct in-home appraisals and meet in-person, to execute our management agreement with new clients. That-said, we now have exceptional digital capabilities in this regard. So, will continue to tailor our service-offering to the preference of individual clients.

If the property is tenanted and the rental appraisal cannot be carried out remotely, we will please request tenant’s written permission to physically visit.

Photography and videography, which, of-course, cannot be carried out remotely, is also permitted at Red subject to COVID-19 health requirements/industry guidance being strictly followed. Face coverings shall be mandatory, and physical distancing of one metre shall be followed.

At the Red traffic light setting, an abundance of caution will also continue to control our property viewings.

Properties shall continue to be opened only with the consent of both landlord, and property occupants/tenants, and properties will be inspected strictly by appointment only.

We will assess each property, to consider having separate entrances for shared areas, or staggered start times.

In order to keep our number of viewings, and, therefore, physical contact to an absolute minimum, all prospect tenants will be encouraged to complete Goodwins’ tenancy application prior to a viewing time being arranged; and this tenancy application will be processed in advance of your physical inspection.

Essentially, we are please asking that prospect tenants make full use of online photographs, virtual reality tours, and videos to ensure the property is of very serious interest to you.

On-the-whole, a physical viewing by prospect-tenant will continue to be the concluding-step before application is submitted to owner for their final acceptance. Noting that this has been assessed as a critical element to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We acknowledge that this is a step-change from standard processing, and we welcome to speak with you, personally, if this request causes you any privacy concern.

Upon arrival, we please ask attendee/s to remain in their vehicle, or, on footpath at front of the property, and our property manager will wave to welcome you.

All parties must please wear a face covering.

Physical distancing of 1 metre shall be maintained, wherever possible.

We will have generated a unique QR code for rental viewings, and it is mandatory that any person visiting the property scans-in. We shall also display appropriate COVID-19 information and hygiene notices at property. Particularly, to remember that the best defence against Covid-19 is basic hygiene measures like thorough hand washing with soap and water and sneezing and coughing into your elbow.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use by all attendees prior to entering and, upon exiting property.

Where viable, shoes must please be removed prior to entry.

We respectfully retain the right to refuse entry to any person who will not abide these requirements.

Every effort is being made to ensure your time at the property is essentially, ‘contactless’ and surfaces, doors, cupboards must not be touched. If you require assistance in this regard, please alert member of our Team.

Viewings will be kept as brief as reasonably possible.

Following each viewing, we will sanitise any areas that attendees may have accidentally touched. For this purpose, we shall use a product that is anti-viral and follow instructions.

Goodwins’ viewing times shall be spaced sufficiently apart to allow time for sanitising after each viewing, as required; and, to ensure there is no contact between attendees.

In closing, we please also ask every person takes special note:

  1. Those feeling unwell, who are self-isolating, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 during the past 14 days are please not to attend a physical inspection.
  2. By attending our appointment, the person is making a statement in declaration that they are feeling well and have had no contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19, or any other reason to self-isolate during the past 14 days.
  3. No private viewings at properties are permitted where the client/occupants have been unwell with flu like symptoms, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the previous 14 days.
  4. Private viewings should not take place in properties where any occupant is at high-risk of COVID-19.
  5. Should any person become unwell within 14 days of attending our viewing, they are asked to contact Goodwins via our CEO, Catherine Goodwin on 021 437 710 or, by e-mail
  6. We will securely retain attendance registers for two months in case they are requested by Worksafe or the Ministry of Health.

Travel is permitted between regions that are at different settings. But please remain aware that between 3 December 2021 and 17 January 2022 there are travel requirements if you are travelling into or out of Auckland. Please follow travel advice if this applies to you.

Tenancy Agreements can be negotiated and executed in person, provided this can be done safely (e.g., physical distancing of one metre can be maintained at all times, hygiene etiquette is adhered to, hands sanitised when entering and exiting the property or office, visit are contactless where possible, and you use your own pen, etc.). But, again, we now have exceptional digital capabilities in this regard. So, will continue to tailor our service-offering to the preference of individual clients. And we will favour contactless, wherever possible.

We will arrange for contactless delivery of keys or arrangements to be made for collection of sanitised keys.

Routine, in-person inspections of rental properties can also take place at Red with the tenant’s consent.

At the end of a tenancy the landlord/property manager and, tenant can complete their final property inspection together if both parties agree, and
following public health guidance on physical distancing, record keeping and mask wearing.

Alternatively, tenants may prefer to take photos of the property’s condition before they leave. Our property manager will attend separately, and the parties will talk together by phone and/or email to resolve any matters of concern.

As-above, we will arrange for contactless delivery of keys or arrangements to be made for collection of sanitised keys.

The real estate profession remains committed to working with the Government and our communities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a profession, we are united against COVID-19 and will do our utmost to protect our workers, the wider community, and New Zealand.

Should a person require any further detail, or, assistance at the time, and/or have any questions, or, concerns in relation to our protocols, we ask they speak with our CEO, Catherine Goodwin; or, our General Manager, Vicki Carrington
In-closing, please note that these guidelines are subject to change.