Working smoke alarms are compulsory in all rental properties

New smoke alarms must be photoelectric and have a long battery life, or be hard-wired.

Smoke alarms must be installed:

  • within 3 meters of each bedroom door, or in every room where a person sleeps
  • in each level or story of a multi-story or multi-level home
  • in all rental homes, boarding houses, rental caravans, and self-contained sleep-outs.

All new smoke alarms must:

  • be photoelectric
  • have a battery life of at least eight years, or be hard-wired
  • installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • meet international standards.

Existing smoke alarms do not need to be replaced if they are working, and have not passed the expiry date.

If landlords fail to meet their obligations, they could face financial penalties of up to $7,200.