Methamphetamine poses a great threat to our economy, our families, our health and our real estate.

Do I need to test my property for methamphetamine?

Unfortunately methamphetamine is a growing problem in New Zealand, and while it is not compulsory to test your rental property for meth, we highly recommend you do so.

How can I protect my rental property against meth users?

MethSolutions help homebuyers, landlords and property investors to lower the risk of meth contamination. They offer services designed to detect the presence of methamphetamine in a property you own or are considering investing in. This includes baseline testing, standard screening assessment and proactive meth management. Visit or ask your property manager for more details.

Is there a way to detect if meth is being manufactured in my rental property?

MethMinder is a monitoring system that can detect if your property is being used to manufacture methamphetamine. Practical and affordable, this device comes highly recommended. For more information see or speak to your property manager for a referral.

Methamphetamine Testing

Goodwins can arrange methamphetamine testing on behalf the property owners from $199+GST